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Default Re: Warrior Of God?

LADOMINIO...firstly, i know the frustration you feel with how things are going. The need to "do something" is strong.

However, the tone you use GAURANTEE's this site would go up a notch in the "Forum Watcher" stakes down at the NSA and CIA.

Now, before anyone laughs...yes, i have let loose a few times on this forum and stated clearly that people have a right to defend themselves against criminal government. Exactly what scenario would be acceptable I do not know precisely. All I know are the words of Solzinitsin who wished like hell they had defended themselves from the round ups in the Soviet Union as "they cooled their heels in the Gulag".

The line between legitimate defense of ones life, liberty and property is a fine one.

Government should know that "middle class" people will not go quietly if the criminality of the government is plainly overt.

I'm just saying your tone has a slight "religious zeal" about it that GAURANTEE's attention.

Forgive the paranoia but I will not be contacting you. I would laugh at people who I considered paranoid on the web but I think it is a valid concept.

Again, forgive me but I am entitled to my paranoia.

Still, stick around.
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