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Default Re: First hand knowledge

I understand his halleluyahs...when you were really in the hands of demons like he was, I mean, the freakers telling you what do all the time, talking to you, giving you horrible pain if don't comply...then when you are free, you really get all emotional. I wouldn't discard him because of that.

His account is very similar to many other people who were involved in the new age circles in high positions. His info is also correct as far as I know. He knows a LOT about Mormonism and Wicca, his books are excellent. But I don't think he knows a lot about the Illuminati, it seems he only had started to get in touch with them when he got saved. Fritz Sprigmeyer is a much better source. I also don't agree much with him about aliens, whom he believe are Nephlim.

About Ted Gunderson...much of what he says seems to be true, but then, after the Franklin scandal everybody knows about Satanism and paedophilia in the US. And Ted was never really an insider, like Bill. I've read somewhere that Ted is a disinfo agent and a crook.
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