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Default Re: First hand knowledge

Yeah, but you would read that about Ted, wouldn't you? I've read stuff like that about Fritz Springmeier too, despite him being my introduction to the 13 Illuminati families. Springmeier is in fact in prison right now, isn't he? Supposedly framed for stuff like fraud, robberies etc. Can't remember details.

Have you not read about similar accusations made against Bill Schnoebelen? If not, wouldn't that be a cause for suspicion; somebody talking about inside knowledge of Illuminati agenda, who is NOT vilified in the media?

How come these Illuminati insiders all turn up in America, never in Europe? Are they keeping the European Illuminati hounds on a shorter leash?

Or is it because they know that Americans are more brainwashed, mind controlled and traumatized and therefore more gullible and would be more likely to believe whatever is put in front of them than Europeans?
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