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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"


You condemn yourself by your very words. Mathew 13: 10 talks about Jesus's parables. The reason is that for those who are elected by the Father, those who received Jesus, they would be understood. For those who had their hearts calloused, who have closed their eyes, they would be impossible to understand. The key to understand this passage is that if you close your hearts for what Jesus says, you will never understand his words. Exactly what you are doing. This passage has absolutely NOTHING to do with gnosticism or secret knowledge. It is all about truth being understood by those withh an open heart, those who love Jesus.

Keep reading, my friend, and see that in Mat 13:18 Jesus says that the evil one takes the truth away from those who didnt understand the gospel (and puts fake Sumerian texts, Jordan Maxwell stuff , etc., in its place).

Never pretend to understand the Bible by reading just one verse. The whole is important.

About Israel being involved in magic, of ocurse they were. But the Bible is honest: it tells us like it was. Israel was involved in magic but always was rebuked and chastised by God when they did it ! It is there as an example of what we SHOULDN'T do ! It is not because sinful Israel was doing something wrong that Jesus would do it too ! Do you see the logic ? Man, you have to read the whole story.

Son of Man refers to the human side of Jesus, Son of God to his deity. It is like refering to Bill gates sometimes as "the richest man non earth" and sometimes as "the revolutionary in computing". Same guy. Jesus was fully man and fully God at the same time.
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