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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

Saturnino wrote:
True Believer,

You really overestimated the guy when you said he had seen the Matrix movie and read Carl Jung. I just found out he only read "The Da Vinci Codes" !!!
Are they both factual works in your ever heightened knowledge of truth versus trumped up myth?


you are so ignorant on Bible studies that you think that affirming that Mary and Joseph had other children would be a blow in Christianity. Protestants have been saying for 500 years that after the virgin birth of Christ Mary had natural children from Joseph. So what ?
So prove it.

Funny thing is, you can't though. In fact, you can't even prove that the bible is a true work of a "divine creator".

(after all, YOU just second guessed where you have acquired as a Christian the very "supreme" belief that your christianity is based on.)

Do you fancy yourself as "God's" equal then? Isn't that against your ten commandments? Surely it's profane? Or do YOU decide what your god believes in, and feels? Do you support great schisms when someone disagrees with their "god", and changes the bible to suit?

Did you agree with the old Mormon polygamy angle?

The questions will keep coming, mind you. Though I don't see you of mind to answer them factually.

Unless you're your own "god" now. hahahaha

As I said, you are wasting our time.
ahhh, You must be your own "god". After all, only a "god" can speak on behalf of the nameless, faceless hordes he/she/it created in "likeness".

Keep it buddy. You're just digging yourself a deeper hole. :roll:

(We can end your suffering, oh messiah of truth and morality, if you agree to leave general ethics and morality comments linked apart from any religion or man made theatrics. I, in turn, shall not speak ill of your belief system. You should take this olive branch, for your own salvation of course)

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