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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

Marsali wrote:
You're ranting and raving, Nex. Calm down, and try to explain, minus the hysterics, why it is that you have so much anger against Christianity. Unless you live in the Bible Belt, it's unlikely that you're having Christian beliefs shoved down your throat.
If you're going to bring up all that New Age nonsense on this forum, you're going to be challenged.
Ranting and raving? heheheh, ok, sure :roll:

I don't have any anger. I do not however allow any self righteous pseudo political groups or elitists the opportunity to rule over my life with distant underhanded tactics, then let them talk down to me when I point out that they are not the only way, nor "truth" as observed by numerous cultures, belief systems, and viewpoints which make up the human race.

No one has challenged my beliefs here, because I haven't named or even hinted at the entirety of what they actual are. That's my perogative.

Nice to see that you are so tolerant of other views such as the aforementioned "New Age" views you've assigned me without my permission nor admission as being true.

Nonsense is it?

One merely compare Christianity and New Age histories to see which wins the stakes on that one, doofus. :roll:
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