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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

Marsali wrote:
One doesn't have to know your exact beliefs in order to make inferences based on your posts.
New Age beliefs are nonsense except to those who have been enchanted by its lies. Is that an intolerant viewpoint? Yes, it is.
My posts paint me as a "new ager", or does my lack of mystical enchantment over christianity automatically permit you to tar, feather, and set me alight like a free thinking scapegoat in Salem?

Though I'm no expert, I don't mind making a comparison of Christianity and new ageism.
Don't let that stop you. After all, you already mentioned you're intolerant and believe New Age is enchanted by lies.

You would, I presume, point out that Christianity has been the perpetrator of the crusades and inquisition, not to mention that Christians owned slaves and that some Christians were involved in atrocities carried out on American Indians. Let me know if I left something out.
Just a dozen or more modern wars, infiltration into courts and schools, the making of laws to name a few.

The new age movement began in the U.S. when Helena K. Blavatsky came to the U.S. in the late 1800's and began the Theosophical Society here. They were the first to bring new ageism/occultism out into the open.
Yet Christianity and Paganism went hand in hand where it suited Christianity, and lopped off pagan hand where it suited also, many centuries before that. They borrowed from the pagan seasons, holidays, and celebrations, drew parallels, and such.

It has been documented that Hitler was devoted to Blavatsy's teachings via her book 'The Secret Doctrine,' and that he kept a copy of it by his bedside for many years. Many believe that he was indeed a student of the occult and that it influenced his racial and political policies.
Many believed he was also a Vegetarian. But it's been widely commented that he partook of squab and bavarian sausage on a regular occasion. Keep reaching, kiddo.

New age occultism is one of the tools that the
Illuminati have used in order to take people away from religion and a belief in a supreme God. New ageism was also invented to get people to accept a 'world religion,' not based on religious truth, but on new age truth, and of acceptance that there is no real distinction between any of the religions.
Sure thing pal. :roll:
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