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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

Nex said:
I don't have any anger.
<end quote>

what a joke ! The only thing the guy do is to insult others. He is full of anger. Just see his temper tantrums.


No one has challenged my beliefs here, because I haven't named or even hinted at the entirety of what they actual are. That's my perogative.
<end quote>

I call this being disonest. You are in a forum, it is easy to attack others while you don't say in what you believe. Grow up.

Hmmm...two alternatives here: either Nex is a silly teenager full of hormones or he is a Wicca or some shit like that in disguise, entering the forum just to mess up things and as someone said, to derail the conversation. The guy didn't add ANYTHING to the discussion, never explains what he is all about, only causes disruption.

Either way, I am out of his game.
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