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Default Re: Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry

Draken wrote:
Why are they only intent on dominating things nobody else want to dominate, i.e. destructive, degenerate, corrupt things?

"Dumb goyim" don't want to dominate the porn industry - or anything else similarly destructive and evil - because it's just that: destructive and evil.

Jews certainly have cornered a niche in the market NOBODY WITH A CONSCIENCE AND DECENCY WOULD TOUCH.

Intellectual superiority? I doubt it - define INTELLECT.

Spiritual superiority? NO WAY. Quite the opposite - spiritual INFERIORITY.

If that is what the meaning of being called "dumb" is then I'm glad, overjoyed, PROUD to be dumb.

LOL ... y'all know I like to push buttons ...

but seriously Draken, Do you think we'd be in this

mess if the goyim were smarter ?

dominate only corrupt industries because no one

else wants to ?? Come on, you know they dominate

the industries EVERYBODY wants to control but

aren't smart enough to beat them ... look

at how they make 1 billion plus Christians

and over 1 billion Muslims look so stupid in

comparison to their numbers. Why do you think

Jeezus focused all his time exclusively on them ?
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