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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

nohope187 wrote:
Oh that is pretty funny. And was I talking to YOU by the way? NO I was not. And just so you know I have nothing but venom for the state and the NWO. Small minded people acting like crusaders.....sad
You're the one who's eating that lizard shit up with a spoon. Small minds? Have you had enough or do you want me to step on your dick again? :-P[/quote]

HAHAHAHA.....exactly as I thought. No sense looking at the big picture eh. Let's just keep it three dimensional. Don't want to look any deeper than that. LOL!

By the way, did you realize that everything in existence vibrates? Ever hear of molecules, atoms etc? Would you agree that they exist? Or is that a conspiracy theory?

If you agree that they exist and that everything is vibration (frequency) then that would mean we really do not exist. We are only frequency organized by conciousness. And that can only mean there is ONE conciousness working through all of us.

If that is the case then we are just living in a movie. Unfortunately right now it is more of a bad "B" movie.

Maybe I am getting a little too deep here.

Have a great day!
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