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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

By the way, did you realize that everything in existence vibrates? Ever hear of molecules, atoms etc? Would you agree that they exist? Or is that a conspiracy theory?

If you agree that they exist and that everything is vibration (frequency) then that would mean we really do not exist. We are only frequency organized by conciousness. And that can only mean there is ONE conciousness working through all of us.
So you think you and Icke are special? You think you are the only 2 humans to work this out?

Icke is a simple theif who flogs his work off others without references and passes it on to tossers like yourself.

Human beings have been having direct experiences of the divine for thousands of years. Feel free to look in the mirror and proclaim yourself God...we'll see how long you stay sane. One Westerner did. But He could, because he was God. You and the Ickerians in general are being led down the garden path.

I suggest you consult the works of Carl Jung and inparticular "Synchronicity: An Accausal Connecting Principal." Jung worked with Einstein but mostly with Wolfgang Pauli on the very archetypal basis of "reality". Dangerous territory for the neophyte. My point is there are thousands who have done well referenced work well before the hanger on Icke flogged it and started making money from it. I dont like people who pass off stuff as their own and something new. Your sources are SEVERLY limited.

One more thing...I officially agree with you. Lizards run the planet. Now...what next?

See my point? Nothing has changed.

All Ickes work does is sideline important issues into the domain of mental illness.

That is his job. Our Masters will not let the growing awareness of the enslavement of humanity go unanswered on the web. Disinformationists are everywhere. Judge people by their fruits and Ickes are VERY rotton in the long run.

An open mind is not good. Leave your front door wide open and see what good comes of it. I prefer to vet closely who I let in. I suggest you and the rest of you Lizard lovers do the same or you will be forever labelled as just what you are...mentally ill.

I want no part of Ickes bullshit new age premise...i've heard it all before.
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