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Default Re: The Death of Joe Vialls

truebeliever wrote:
Vialls hates the Joooze and the Jooooze hate Vialls.

Vialls annoys all and sundry in the Intelligence Community with his constant pestering.

Vialls was a slack and lazy poster which was not on, as he was making a living from this stuff. You and I can be slack and lazy as no one is paying us.

He was ill for awhile. I believe congestive heart failure. Not much info around about his death. Vialls died as he had lived...melodramatically.

I do not believe he was deliberate disinfo. I just think he was over the top. He often stole from others.

I have no personal knowledge of his death (maybe he is'nt?).

Da Joooze are moving in Down Under. If it did turn out he was assassinated it would'nt surprise me.

He came out with alot of gems and I will give him that. I actually enjoyed reading his stuff most of all ironically, as it was entertaining as well as informational.

Give these to Vialls...

Correct time frame of the invasion of Iraq.

Truck Bombs do NOT leave craters.

Micro nukes (I believe this).

Airline industry commentary.

RIP you cranky old bastard! :-P

Remember the interesting take he had on the Concorde incident?

Vialls was of the opinion that it was sabotage.
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