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Default Re: Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry

Meet A Nice Jewish Porn Star Ron Jeremy looks more like your Uncle Moe than a sex god, By Naomi Pfefferman, Jewsweek

"'Im just a nice Jewish boy with one vice,' says Queens native Ron Jeremy. 'Twenty-three years of porn films.' Scott J. Gills documentary 'Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy,' which opens in select cities this month, chronicles the life and times of the unlikeliest Jew in the world and the unlikeliest porn star.

The 48-year-old Jeremy dotes on his family. They dote on him. His dad's a physicist. His brother's a Harvard-educated executive. Most everyone else in the family has at least a master's degree. Jeremy earned his master's in special education from Queens College in part to help his disabled mother.

He looks more like your Uncle Moe than a sex god. But while hes not so easy on the eyes (hes nicknamed 'The Hedgehog' because hes short, fat and hairy), hes been paid huge sums to bed more gorgeous women than James Bond. Gills hilarious film in which Jeremy fans jubilantly declare, 'Hes Jewish!' stands apart from other movies on the porn biz that have emerged in the past decade ... At its core, the flick poses the question, 'How did a hammy kid from Flushing become the most recognized male figure in adult film?'
Gee, Draken, you mean you're not even willing to spot the Jewish porn industry a few style points? :-P :lol: 8-)
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