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Default Saturnino's chance to explain him/herself.

Nex said:
I don't have any anger.
<end quote>

what a joke ! The only thing the guy do is to insult others. He is full of anger. Just see his temper tantrums.
What you call insulting, I call telling the truth. Just because you got your Jesus Klein Y Fronts in a twist about my subsequent comments about christianity, gives you no open license to act the hateful fool.


No one has challenged my beliefs here, because I haven't named or even hinted at the entirety of what they actual are. That's my perogative.
<end quote>

I call this being disonest. You are in a forum, it is easy to attack others while you don't say in what you believe. Grow up.
What would you like to know? I've been here only about 5 days? Should I give you dimensions, my age, educational levels attained? How about any public sector work I've ever been a part of? How about the locations of my upbringing, family structure, gross household wages, and parental voting preferences? Why stop there? Ask me what I'm wearing right now!!! :roll:

I can only state what I believe in, when the opportunity presents itself to.

but the truth is, you're only interested in casting stones because I don't recognize within myself, or my world much of your christianity. That infuriates you beyond all measure.

Hmmm...two alternatives here: either Nex is a silly teenager full of hormones or he is a Wicca or some shit like that in disguise, entering the forum just to mess up things and as someone said, to derail the conversation.
Is that it? Nothing more to add? Chemicals and alternative religions are to blame for why you're acting the tool on this? Why not blame the devil while you're at it? And demons, got to have the demons. Text Demons, and..... Limbo sufferers, with wireless keyboards and clueless suffering fingers, no?

The guy didn't add ANYTHING to the discussion, never explains what he is all about, only causes disruption.

Either way, I am out of his game.
For your information, Saint Nuffy, I was the fourth person to comment when the thread was originally created, and did so with what I believe to be true on the subject matter. Here it is, yet again. As quoted from the "Who will be the first to confront the menace of america?"

I don't personally see any culmination designed for a "world war".

Rather squirmishes which don't upset the economic order too greatly.

Most of the international treasuries are partially hedged with the American dollar to aid in stabilising theirs, and the world economy. Though nations and cultures do have a degree of seperation, economic theory is shared by all.

It's a complicated system of treaty, agreements, and trade systems very much intertwined to a point that any major conflict would threaten to plunge the combined world into the dark ages.

It's much like the rules of engagement Colonial Britain utilized, and expected it's enemies to utilize in shared chivalry on the battlefield.

Ironically, what Bin Laden and his supposed crew of mischief makers didn't follow for September 11th. You can wax theoretical about the "true" inner forces at work on that one, but for hard evidence, one merely look at the global insurance companies which hiked insurance premiums in every nation-state the world over.

There was no recourse but English contempt and French admiration when colonial minutemen did the same behind shrubs and trees.

Motivations may have been different, and if you believe the history books, idealistic.. But in the end, the colonials quickly rejoined the rules of engagement towards the end of the Revolutionary War.

I see disinformation, spin doctoring, and economic agreements as the armies of any major revolution, and the battlefield being the world trade markets.

As petroleum, crops, and technology gains become scarcer, then we might see nations break away from individual treaties, and agreements in a selective fashion, causing international discourse and ultimately making themselves into world lepers with a welcome landscape for spurn or invasion due to whatever guise.

It is merely my outlook or opinion on the matter and not fact by any stretch of the imagination, but I can't envision some ultimate showdown unless the whole world economic system has it's intrusive hand forced in a showdown.

That may happen with just one rogue act of defiance which changes the landscape beyond recognition... something widespread and deadly, or proliferating in arms, but idealism will be the culprit, and psychology will be the weapon.

To me, offering theories up now is much like playing the Nostradamus lottery. Mostly miss in hit and miss.

But I do know how people cling to boats on the waters when they float, and erupt into mass panic and leaping inhumane acts when the boat is sinking.

How supermarkets could easily sell generic barbecue lighter fluid, and petrol stations water in a moment of hysteria. Anyone who has ever lived in a Northern climate during a 2 week long envisioned blizzard need only look at their neighbor's actions and their own to see what is ultimately possible.

But these events are small, managed to a degree, and the coping mechanisms are in place to prevent unilateral community destruction.

A world war would take so much calamity, so much bad luck and alterior intentions, so much death and change of our residential habits and creature comforts, and all against the world agreements between nations to render stability a lose-lose situation for all and sundry, that a world war we can see would actually be the last parting shot in a war that's been quietly fought for generations before us.

I see us here as the defeated. Writing on a message board, convinced of our theories and thoughts, yet with no unity in basics... we're boats floating off into the pale blue yonder, occasionally bumping into each other and sharing a meal or two in seafaring fashion.

Such is theory when you have no hard facts and like me, rely upon suspicions. Above all else, I know that one day either in my lifetime, or my son's lifetime, we'll wake up and see the end result of prolonged strife. There will be no warning, just suffering in store.

Until then, I figure life is worth living and living to the best of abilities. I hope that my parents did their best to ensure I can cope, and that I've done my best to guarantee my son can as well.

Hope that makes sense to those reading.

You thought I'd make an apt target for your intolerant views on other religions' shared goodness and non christian points of views.

I did enjoy for a time playing around with TB and Freeman, but it did begin to get out of hand a little, so we all tried to back off. It worked for a moment, then people like yourself decided to hijack the thread, slander me presumably under the guise of being playful, and eventually allow it to consume you to the point of being hateful illogical clowns.

To the contrary of perceptions, I have no problems with anyone nor their religion, Christians included. We all live our lives according to what makes sense to us. I have known many great people whom were or are christians. Alternatively, I have known many delightful Jewish, Muslim, Buddhists, Wiccans, Agnostics, Atheists, and people whom believe themselves to be "Satanists" (though it's difficult to imagine on that one until you delve into conversation with them).

They were delightful most of all, because they recognized the concepts of each other as being just as correct as their own. They had respect, and I never had to ask them to tone down rhetoric.

I've also met negative mirror images of these people in their religions and concepts, and you Saturnino, have come precariously close to being cast into their lot by me.

Let's agree to disagree, and drop the subject, otherwise, I'll revisit you ten fold for every ounce of abuse you futilely continue to attempt at sowing at my detriment.

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