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Default Re: Saturnino's chance to explain him/herself.

Saturnino wrote:
You promise 10 posts to annoy us with your towering have 7 more to go.
I orginally wrote:
I'll revisit you ten fold for every ounce of abuse you futilely continue to attempt at sowing at my detriment.

I did not promise all and sundry ten posts. I did in fact promise to revisit you "ten fold" brandishing my aforementioned towering intellect.

Your lack of reading comprehension skills also passed over the "futile" comment, which doesn't sit well with your altar grandstanding, now does it, muppet?

Couple in the fact that you have erroneously paraphrased in order to use the word "us" when it's as clear as your stigmata like masterbation rashes that I highlighted only "you" for the comment.

Even in your attention to falsifying details, you've also run foul of simple math for your blunders, since each person would require ten supposedly promised posts, yet you've regaled "3" already to your fictitious "us".

So in summary:

It's blatantly obvious you've never set foot outside a bible belt style Sunday school, Jethro.

And your parents were mental midgets and siblings, obviously. :roll:
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