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Default Re: Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry

I have difficulty seeing a lot of things being demand-driven these days. Take docu-soaps for instance: every media executive excuses their contamination of the minds of the masses via TV with "we're only giving the audience what they want!"

But the audience is so dumbed down they'll watch anything; they don't care what's on. i used to live with the archtypical English posh girl in the most negative sense of the word. She couldn't stand silence so when she got home from work the first thing she'd do was to turn the telly on. It didn't matter what was on, she just wanted "some company". It just so happens that at that time in the day there was always some daytime drama like Neighbours or some silly game show or... Jerry Springer (horror).

Point is, she wasn't watching it, it was only turned on.

If you would show a concert of J.S. Bach they'd probably watch that, which would be infinately better for their mental and spiritual well-being.

Porn is like drugs: if you inundate society with it, you're bound to get some people hooked. This is one of Ruppert's earlier and better points. It's got nothing to do with supply-and-demand. Actually, that's EXACTLY what it's got to do with - SUPPLY FIRST to CREATE A DEMAND. NOT the other way around.
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