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Default impeding the Military Industrial Complex

I was busy reading a book
"Hitler and his Secret Partners"
by James Pool

and I had a khancept that crept into my head
(side note - the Thule {skull and bones [pirates!]} society financed Hiltlers war machine)
and on that note ... I thought about all the anti-war population and what it did to Germany during WW1.

The ammunition companies had workers who went on strike! Tired of war and wanting more they got up and left the death factory.

How heroic ... it seems so simple and yet in todays society with taxation and pay check to pay check living .. utterly impossible.

Now here is where the khancept takes place.
Not everyone relies on death for profit. People can still make money off the needs of the living.
Now if these people who are anti-war make cash from the living ... why not substitute the wages of the death factory workers?
Instead of yelling at deaf (selectivly) politicians , why not confront the workers at these factories .. where guns , military issued , ones are being created and give them an option.
Have a look at the pay checks earned by these individuals , see how many people (their cash and how much of it) it would take to keep those individuals from starving and get down to business

It could be a small city project at first.. maybe at a depleted uranium bullet factory ... use what I call "The Truth" which is scarce in the media monopoly .. and let the workers know what they are contributing to.
The war in Iraq is huge .. a launch pad for more wars.
We can ultimately kill each other as serfs or help eachother overcome these obstacles that call themselves the New World Order.

feed back is essential
pro's con's .. does not matter
The ball that is rolling now is big , deadly and on the verge of WW3.5 or 4 ......

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