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Default Re: gauging NWO progress by hollywood productions

Here's some more:

"Charmed" TV show- promotes witchcraft

"Day After tomorrow" movie - fear of environmental disaster

From: The Illuminati in America
Exclusive Interview with an Ex-Illuminati Programmer/Trainer

Walt Disney (he was an Illuminist, and Fantasia was used to program children).

Some films that blatantly portray the Illuminist agenda: The Matrix. You could have peeled me off the ceiling when I saw that one. The references to conditioning and the core were so blatant, it wasn't funny. Fight Club: I love Brad Pitt and Ed Norton, and this film is a nod at the covert military buildup going on that the average person doesn't realize. Also, Ed is dissociative in the film, as Pitt's character takes over (notice that the cult-creating military figure is the "stronger" one in the story?).

The Labyrinth: I haven't seen this, but my husband did, and everything he mentioned is pure Illuminati programming stories used with children. Any movies with an occult viewpoint, or that show supernatural psychic phenomena, astral travel, or contact with the spirit world are guaranteed to be part of this agenda. I don't watch them, myself. Saw enough of the real thing to last me this lifetime.

The sensationalization of rituals and other occult insignia on television is another example. Ghost stories. Witch stories. Children's books about Wizards and their training that are extremely popular.

Oh, yes, Starship Trooper. This one had so many cult symbols (the Illumnists have a strong Aryan ideology going, too) that I almost laughed outright when I saw it. I counted at least 100 in it.

Here's the table of contents of a book "HOODWINKED: Watching Movies With Eyes Wide Open”

I. Poli-Sci-Fi (Political Science Fiction)

* The Matrix: Sci Fi, Metaphysics, and Soul Liberation
* Minority Report: Spielberg’s Psychic Dictatorship
* The Postman: Reluctant Hero Delivers Hope
* Solaris: Life Is A Trance
* Soldier: Future Cannon Fodder Goes High-Tech
* Signs: Mel Gibson Loses His BS (Belief System)
* The Sixth Day: Downtown Atlantis Revisited
* Starship Troopers: Teenage Fascists Battle Giant Bugs
* The Truman Show’: Storming the Reality Studio
* The X-Files: When Conspiracies Collide

II. Illuminati, Mind Control and Other PsyOps

* Arlington Road: The Terrorist Next Door
* Blade: Secrets of the Illuminati
* Conspiracy Theory: Deconstructing Hidden History
* Dark Angel: The Threat of Digital Slavery
* Disturbing Behavior: Mind Control High School
* Fight Club: Secrets of Janus Programming
* The General’s Daughter: PsyOps and the Military Career Criminal
* Hannibal: Necrophilia Chic
* The Skulls: Secrets of the New World Orderlies
* Snake Eyes: Deconstructing an Assassination
* X-Men: Psychic Warfare and the Mind Control Enigma

III. Into the Mystic

* Alien Resurrection: Biotech Nightmare from Hell
* Bless the Child: Spiritual Warfare Illustrated
* City of Angels: Falling in Love, Falling from Heaven
* Contact: Looking for God In All the Wrong Places
* The Devil’s Advocate: Leading Us into Temptation
* Dogma: Fallen Angels on Earth
* The Faculty: Invasion of the Astral Parasites
* Fairy Tale: For Believers Only
* What Dreams May Come: Life, Death and Beyond

IV. Secrets and Lies of History

* Amistad: Spielberg Does Porno – Again
* Blow: Bad Karma - Why CIA Dopers Beat the Independents
* Collateral Damage: The Truth is the First Victim
* Dick: Clueless at Watergate
* From Hell: Masonic Ritual Murders a/k/a Jack the Ripper
* The Patriot: Don’t Tread on Me -- Or Else
* Saving Private Ryan’: Spielberg’s War Is Just Schmaltz and Gore
* Seven Years in Tibet Before the Chinese Holocaust
* Summer of Sam: Sex, Drugs and the “Lone Nut” Killer
* Three Kings: Flirting with Bush’s War
* Traffic: How the Drug War Was Lost

V. Pop Idolatry: Sex & Death and Other Games

* As Good As It Gets: Romance Management
* The Big Lebowsky: Bowling Stone Comedy
* Jackie Brown: Tarantino Running on Empty
* Kill Bill: Disney’s Bloody Gore Fest
* L.A. Confidential: Film Noir Masterpiece
* Magnolia: Bad Karma Ranting
* The Man in the Iron Mask: More Wickedness in High Places
* Payback: Sadism! Gratuitous Violence! And Mel Gibson!
* Ronin: Aging Spooks Fighting It Out
* Rounders: Haute Poker Nights
* Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace: All Hype. No Heart.
* There’s Something About Mary: Gross-Out Comedy about Love & obsession
* Wild Things: Sex, Lies and Trashy Fun

VI. Government-Business (Scams) As Usual

* A Civil Action: Corporate Criminals Rule
* Boiler Room: Reach Out & Scam Someone
* Bulworth: The Politically Incorrect Politician
* The Corruptor: Dirty Cops Just Wanna Have Fun
* Confidence: One Nation Under Fraud
* Enemy of the State: Federal Police State(s) of America
* The Insider: Big Media Rules
* Mercury Rising: Feds in Wolves Clothing
* The Peacemaker: Making the World Safe for Globalism
* Primary Colors: A $65 Million Commercial for Clinton
* The Rainmaker: Southern Fried Flotsam and Grisham
* The Siege: PsyOps Movie Prepares U.S. For Martial Law
* Swordfish: How to Steal a Government Slush Fund
* Tomorrow Never Dies: Mass Media Moguls -- The Perfect Villain
* Wag the Dog: How to Manipulate the Media
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