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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

freeman wrote:
Even worse, Icke is always the official spokesperson of the "conspiracy world" who gets interviewed by the mainstream media on the rare occasions when they ever pay us any heed at all.
So there he poses in front of the camera with his flowing blonde hair, blue eyes and shimmering teeth expounding his theories about shape-changing reptilian lizards taking over the world. It's like a goddamned Tony Robbins seminar. Guaranteed to turn off all but the most easily impressionable twits still living in their parents' basements and collecitng Star Trek memorabilia.
That fact alone -- that he is the media's offical go-to guy on "conspiracy kooks" -- has made me very skeptical of the man's message.
I was just thinking how I have never once seen Henry's work mentioned or even his name by the mainstream. This just goes to show the level of censorship that is applied when they don't want people to know about something. On the web it appears to be the reverse and he often gets plugs from people when the subject of feminism crops up. I have always seen the references as positive and often he is considered to be a leading authority on the subject. Even though it is a subject that is talked about on a daily basis in the mainstream his name remains a non-entity. I therefore conclude that the social engineering aspects of the NWO are still a taboo subject and therefore must be one of the most important.

Icke is quite silent on this but what worry’s me is two books he has written, one relating to the film The Matrix and the other to the Alice in Wonderland story. Both these are mind control and the Alice in wonderland is used as a programming device for the Illuminati mind control according to Fritz Springmeier. The Matrix is supposed to be one of the biggest efforts in this field so far but Icke uses it as a theme to his entire website. I have always wondered about this and I suppose its main message is whichever pill you take you are doomed. Socialism/Capitalism, left/right, America/UN and so on.
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