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Default Re: Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry

I think the answer would be a more obvious polarization of behavior, and not the rather homogenous consumption of sleaze that inundates the market.
Quite. By getting the masses addicted to porn, TV, drugs etc., it makes them predictible and easily controlled and distracted.

Of course, if we didn't have porn or drugs, and if the massmedia wouldn't force feed us porn and drugs by talking about it all the time, we would be free in our minds to persue more noble goals. I'm of the firm conviction that freedom at any price, or freedom to do anything does not necessarily lead to positive results. Most people are like children, they don't know what's good for them. To leave it up to everyone the freedom to do anything leads to disaster.

To prove my point, I saw a documentary about an Iraqi TV producer, before the fall of Baghdad to the Americans. The TV station he worked for was of course state-controlled. The reporter doing the interview was ridiculing the TV producer for his reasons not to show American TV series like Baywatch or similar and more sexy (pornographic) stuff. The Iraqi producer basically said that those shows are destructive for the Islamic people and a way to demoralize society and subvert it, by breaking the Muslims attitude towards sexual intimacy being a holy and totally private matter.
In the name of democracy and freedom the interviewer was insinuating that the Iraqi TV producer was a madman, a brainwashed religious fanatic!

Of course he was no such thing. He was an adult man taking responsibility for his actions and using his discriminating mind, guarding and protecting their Islamic faith and their "Muslim way of life". As Bush would express it. Yeah, I know, the evil, baddie Saddam was dictating what to show and not show on Iraqi TV, that's not "democratic"! But surely, he was right in not wanting to show degrading, insulting, corrupting American TV trash on Iraqi TV?!?

I've met an Iraqi man once not so long ago, and he said Saddam encouraged everyone to get an education, everything paid for by the government and when you graduated you got to chose a flat with as many rooms in as the number of your family. If you had three kids you got a four-bedroom flat. Free.

He didn't say Saddam was a fantastically lovely chap, he just pointed out that life under Saddam in Iraq until the 70s was really not so bad as Western media would make it out to be. In fact, life was pretty good for a majority of Iraqis.

Did you know that under the Saddam regime there was total religious freedom in Iraq? Christians, Jews, Muslims of all variations could freely practice their faith. See, because Saddam was a SECULAR Muslim, meaning he didn't care about religion. This is why Osama actually hates Saddam and thinks he's a sell-out and therefore there could possibly be NO LINK between the two of them.

Back to my point, there are certain things that should be avoided at all cost, if one wants to avoid society rotting from the inside. There are certain leaders who have tried to do that in the past. They might've been dictators, one-man rulers. So what?

Dictatorship could by another word be called Kingship, i.e. Monarchy. Monarchy has been, and still is the most successful political system, and a most important part of the European heritage. Some legendary kings of Europe were actually canonized by the Catholic Church, not because they were good servants of the Church, but because they actually performed miracles.

Under the King should be a true aristocracy, i.e. "the rule of the best".

Democracy, by contrast, is "the rule of the masses". This is an impossibility because the "people" can't rule themselves, never could. In fact, democracy should really be called 'demonocracy', because the only thing to come out of the 'rule of the masses' is the mass mentality, which, without a guiding light of a true King - a spiritually fully manifested being - only has one way to go and that is DOWNWARDS towards the demons that control and dominate the 'masses'.

Democracy is the Rule of Quantity, in contrast to Monarchy (with Aristocracy), which is the Rule of Quality.

Sorry for waffling on off-topic, but I got inspired.;-)

If anyone is interested in these ideas, go to my <a href=""> INTEGRAL TRADITION</a> thread and my <a href=""> SOLIPSISM - KALI-YUGA - RIGHT-WING ATTITUDE</a> thread. Also, there is the <a href=" ">The Rule of Quantity Over Quality - The Myth of Democracy</a> thread of mine.

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