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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?BAd Bouncers

thokhanCep wrote:
BA you talk as though mind control is something new. Created by Nazi's and the CIA .. or OSS.
No ... look into the word assassins and where it originated from.

Mind Control is very old. Different forms used dating back to ancient times. Mysticism, etc. Please re-read my references to the CIA and OSS as pertains to USA.

Sleep deprevation and the Oracles.

With new technology it was easier to have individual "sex slaves" , programmed killers .. whatever.

Myths , religion , ideologies all forms of mass mind control.

Media monopoly is the "new" form of mass mind control

The radio and hitler

The one factor in all this is that the higher ups 3lit3s have used this to enslave humanity for as long as history can repeat itself.

So do not feel special.
( go get a government pay check for making you into what your are today .. they messed you up .. and therefore should fix you)
Shamans uncover your shadows and anchors so you can better yourself.

Special. Don't think so. I wouldn't call myself special. I refer to myself as having been incarcerated in Project Monarch and that ain't special, my friend.

Not stew in the hatred of things past ie. shadows

Trauma based mind control ie. anchors

thokoCep: I haven't seen the term "shadows" in my research, do you mean discrete influences on the mind, or handlers who keep track of you? Also, the term "Anchor" is used in neurolinguistic programming: do you also give it this definition, or is there another one unique to MONARCH? As far as The Angel of Death is concerned, I heard informally that he has passed away, but disinfo is stock-in-trade for these guys. I would want proof. Do you have an inside for the Tinker AFB? It was a supply base and is alleged to be a programming facility. How do they keep people from hearing the screams?

Tinker was a programming facility. Angel of Death is probably in hiding. Shadows are handlers who keep track of you.

During the attack, which included a choke hold on me until I passed out, there were phrases used to taunt and humiliate me. Those phrases seemed to just pop into my head out of nowhere for months after the attack. This is because trauma lowers the threshhold of emotional pain, and it makes it easier to be "triggered" by anything that is anchored to the trauma. If you've ever been in a serious traffic accident, you know what I mean: whenever you drive by the same place, you almost hallucinate the whole thing all over again, just because of the visual trigger. Or it could be a sound, or phrase, or a smell or color. It depends on the incident and the personality of the victim, etc.

I hope that might have answered your questions

If not Bouncer go get your own Don Juan

Mind control is as old as humans being on this earth.

Was it hash-hashins?
They did the dirty deeds of one man with a plan
WOW, thokhanCep, how long have you been holding in all this anger???? The masses may be mind controlled, but information about it is new to 99 percent of the population.

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