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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?


I understand that the reptilian thing is a little hard to swallow. You have never seen any so therefore they must not exist.
"Matey...the moon is made of cheese. No, really. Seriously. Actually Mozzerella as I hear that this stops it falling apart when the Suns rays hit it. You know, it sorta melts but stays plastic? No, i'm serious! You doubt me? Have YOU ever been to the moon? Have YOU ever met anyone who's been there? Have YOU ever bittin into it's cheesy goodness? I have! It was after a few bongs of the "widow" and I astrally flew there...dont laugh, YOU know that with quantum physics ANYTHING is possible and it's all an illusion man!!!!!!"

This is at the level you are speaking from.

Be very careful with this stuff. Mental institutions where I have worked are full of this talk. It's all VERY 'Aquarian'.

By all means, gather with your mates and talk this shit over a few bongs and a packet of crisps. Then go to sleep and go to work in the morning. It will sober you up.

Ordinary people need ordinary answers.

Thats the Oil Scam. The Money Scam and the Drug Scam + the Medical Mafia scam. I'm sure their are a few others that ordinary people can relate to. These might change things. Lizards are indulgent teenage twaddle.
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