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Default Re: When we let them have their own government and Police ?

Dont buy it!

I am not a full bottle on this story admittedly so PLEASE correct me if i'm wrong.

There is NO WAY in hell that 2 poms (who look like poms in the photo above) would dress in cams, spray a outpost with a car full of does not happen.

Use your faculties.

Someone is leading someone up the garden path on this one...perhaps me but I dont think so.

SHANNOW...i REALLY dislike "Truthseeker". It is one of the few sites I would count as pure disinformation.

That Chine site article appears crap. Where is the source...A.P, Reuters etc?

What about a reporters name to it?

Remember, ALL China's news is propaganda designed to keep the peasants hating and competing with the West.

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