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Default Re: Tell Me If I'm Wrong? Is The Tavistok Institute Having Another Psy Op On Us?

"Disability 'naked, pregnant and proud' takes on Trafalgar Square"

“a modern tribute to femininity, disability and motherhood”.

"Alison's statue could represent a new model of female heroism"

“It is so rare to see disability in everyday life, let alone naked, pregnant and proud. The sculpture makes the ultimate statement about disability: that it can be as beautiful and valid a form of being as any other.”

You know...why not show her taking it doggy? Actually getting pregnent? Thats a beautiful thing. I'm curious how armless and legless dwarves "do it". Does she give good head? Can she even give head? Does she like anal?

What! I've offended you! Yeh well thats exactly how I felt about this peice of deliberate mind fuck by the globalists.

Why not put her proudly dressed and in her wheelchair breast feeding? Why not with her grown up son beside her hugging each other?

They make me sick.

Bring on the dwarf tossing. It's as dignified as that abombanation and deliberate slap in the face.
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