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Default Re: Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D 8-)

Ahhh yes.

I would simply prefer the authorities bust the Meth and Coke dealers.

The porn industry would collapse overnight.

No self respecting white woman/girl is going to be gangbanged by ten hung black guys for all the world to see unless she is off her head on Meth and Coke.

No self respecting black woman/girl is going to have her anus violated by ten white frat boys in full public view unless she is off her head on Meth and Coke.

The drug trade works because of police corruption. End of story. They recently cleaned out the local coppers here in Perth. The Meth DISSAPEARED! One year on and here we go again. Another bunch of corrupt arseholes claiming they need to let their criminal informants deal so they can gather intelligence. Now high quality Meth is EVERYWHERE. The Lebanese gangs have moved in from the Eastern States. Where are the coppers! I know this...why dont they? Of course they know it! They're all on the fucking stuff.

Wipe out the drug trade. Wipe out poverty and having the shock of seeing your sister gang raped on the telly will be no more. Every one of those girls has a mother and a father...a family.

Drugs are an ABSOLOUTE evil. By that I specifically mean the stimulants like Meth and Coke. They completly break down inhibitions and societal mores. Where you find sexual 'deviency' you find meth and coke. And I consider fucking so that 50 million people can watch you humiliated is 'devient'.

Suicide is COMMON in the porn industry.
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