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Default What I did today to fight.

It's not huge on any political or media statement, but it means something to me.

I stocked up again on discarded food lines, slightly expired food stuffs, and product over runs from a few local warehouses.

They have in Australia, and specifically Melbourne, many cut price grocers such as NQR (not quite right) which sell at a slight discount assorted food stuffs, though not a total range of the big supermarkets.

I applied for a business number months ago, and went to the suppliers of these shops for the real prices, which are so ridiculously low, it's not even funny.

You buy by slabs, boxes, or pallets and the price reduces accordingly to bulk.

I take great pleasure knowing that the big multinational corporations are barely getting their investment back plus a few cents, that all the fancy psych packaging isn't doing it's job on me, and that the portion of my salary which the economy relies on for grocery investment isn't finding it's way through to the pockets of corporate pirates.

I spend about 20.00 AU a week on food for myself. Next to nothing. And with a wide range of local and imported food stuffs of reasonable quality and diversity.

They lose, I win. :-P

(all about opting out of their games)

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