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Default Re: well i wasnt single yesterday

I take one for the team EVERY GODDAMNED DAY . . . I live with a woman who feels so empowered by laws geared toward this dyke-feminist-man-hating-movement . . . we got into an argument the other night, and she told me that all she has to do is call the police and CLAIM I hit her, and they'd arrest me wether or not they thought it was true, because that's protocol. I'd have to spend the night in jail even if she was full of shit.

She told me that she would leave one day . . .

I told her she was welcome to leave, and go back to live with her alcoholic and abusive father . . . and if she wanted to expose OUR daughter to that, she was in for a treat, because I'd DEFINITELY show in court that she was unfit, just for putting her in a situation like that. "So, if you want to live with that drunk, DO NOT THINK YOU ARE TAKING THE BABY OR THE CAR WITH YOU."

After this point, she shut the fuck up. Now that's proof enough that actions don't always speak louder than words. The thing that I love most about this . . . if she left, her drunk father, a man (obviously), would fuck up her motherhood because he cannot control his urges. This is where she gets it from in the first place. It would be poetry, quite honestly, but I don't want to take my daughter away from her mother, so when I won, I backed down anyway, and didn't rub it in. She felt bad enough . . . but only because she lost the argument.


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