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Default Re: Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry

So, while I see your point about how drugs fuel the porn industry, unfortunately, other social/physiological factors would keep it going.
I beg to differ.

You note girls who work is strippers. There is a big gap between that and being gangbanged by ten guys on the telly.

There has NOT BEEN a hardcore porn movie made where the participants are not off their tit's on the good stuff.

In the 70's there was definately a more "arty" side to it. That is dead and gone.


There you will find many links to free movie clips. Find me one where they are not OBVIOUSLY off their heads...and believe me, i have had my fair share. It is self evident.

Drugs play 3 parts. Firstly, profits must be laundered. The porn industry is P-E-R-F-E-C-T for this. After production costs a DVD costs 50c to make...sell for $30-$50, or simply dump the disks and make a false receipt. Second, the drugs provide income to finance the equipment and setting up of websites and distribution channels. Thirdly, the "catnip" provides the final stimulus for a woman inparticular to lower herself to the level of a dog. Many of these people inject.

Teenage girls and boys are introduced to this drug early and the breakdown of their inhibitions begins.

Their is a fad that ALL prostitutes and ALL porn people ahve been sexually abused. What of the men? What of the millions of women who have been sexually abused and do not work in the sex industry?

That abuse can be a co-factor...i agree. But a deciding factor...i think not.

Meth inparticular is playing a leading role in the breakdown of societal values. I know "normal" people who after a few years of regular drug use, began to use human shit as a lubricant. Can you imagine that? That is what Meth inparticular does to the frontal lobes where values are processed by the destroys them and the ability to say..."hang'nt we going overboard here?"

There is not a cult or satanic/pagan get together that does not use Meth or Coke to manipulate and titilate the participants.

Meth/Benzadrine was used by all sides to increase aggresive and violent behaviour in soldiers. It lowers the inhibitions and allows normal men to kill without mercy. A Military Intelligence guy told me their were piles of syringes 2 ft high in the Indonesian barracks in East Timor. The "Militias" were ALL off their heads killing and maiming innocent women and children...Methamphetamine. That is how you turn "normal" people into animals.

Many can handle it. Most cannot.

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