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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

I would also note Icke relentlessly uses the term "fascism" to describe the structure of the coming New World Order and the One World Government.

Now, the malcontents on this site know damn well that Icke could not possibly be so stupid as to state simply that the central core of Global Domination is "fascist" in nature when it is obviously a centralised totalitarian state based around the tenents of Dialectical Materialism with a United Nations waiting in the wings to thrust the Beast System of Secular Humanism upon us.

This is self evident. Especially from someone who has supposedly studied the Illuminati/Masonic conspiracy which is dedicated to casting off throne and alter to be replaced with what? Mans intellect.

Icke is officially an agent of the New World Order program. What else can he be? His work speaks for itself.

I think any "thinking" person must be aware that they will subvert ALL forms of danger to them and that includes the power of the net and the "Konspiracy Kooks". Icke is undoubtably one of them.

Ickians are a club of fools and deserve to be called it day and night.

More "useful idiots" for the New World Order cause. Reminds me of the Left subversion of the early 70's.

Well done Comrade Icke!
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