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Default Re: You Should ALL Wake Up! Sex With Kids Is O.K! An "Expert" Has Told Us So Get Over It!

truebeliever wrote:
NEX...just for once...switch off your "analysis - paralysis" mode and note the obvious.

The "expert" is stating that paedophilia is o.k.
There were no quotes of paedophilia, but rather adolescents having some sort of sexual relationship. It was paraphrased by others quoting him as pro paedophilia.

You have to understand the background of the move to make fucking little kids o.k. At the moment you just wont believe it. It is too far fetched to believe that freaks would openly talk about this stuff.
I'm not shocked about it being discussed. I just don't see this leap of logic applicable to the discussion. He mentioned adolescent boys. Adolescent boys are for the most part, sexually capable or close to and have been sleeping with boys and girls their same age since the beginning of time. Why does current society not call them adults until they've struck some magic age of 18, yet the laws of reproduction have clearly shown that they're capable of being adults around the time of sexual maturity?

This site is unique in many ways because it address's stuff that on the surface seems ridiculous. I too was a simple left leaning lemming holding court at the party with my politically correct Chomskian analysis of how the world workes.
I'm not leftist, nor rightist and I don't see how this thread thus far has addressed the subject matter appropriately.

There are EVIL people out their who think sacrificing young children to the devil is O.K. Hard to believe?
That's not the topic of this discussion.

There are wolves in the forest.
That's where wolves generally live. But again, it's not the topic of conversation here.

Kinsey observed directly the sexual response including orgasm in infants. Now just how do you suppose Mr Kinsey assessed the orgasm of infants?
It may be by less than idealistic methods that those facts were acquired, but yet again, that's not the subject highlighted by the author only briefly quoted, and paraphrased with red herrings. If he did in fact state something along the lines of "it's okay to have sex with non sexually mature youths and younger" then that would be a point of conversation. That's why I asked for more information.


That man has been glossed over by why is that?

How deep does the rabbit hole go? You probably dont want to know...but then again maybe you do. Suspend your disbelief.
The issue isn't Kinsey as such.

If nature sees fit to permit the body of a human adolescent to become sexually mature, then they are sexually mature. Society has struggled with this concept off and on for centuries. Sometimes it's the norm for 13-14 year olds to get married, or 16 year old women to marry men 20 years their senior. Now it's slowly becoming permissable for men to sleep with women 20 or more years their senior. Point is, the benchmarks change according to society and what it believes necessary, or how it feels depending on the cycle of history.

I suspect that there are other unsaid issues underpinned by some of the responses thus far.

Care to take a guess as to what they are, TB?
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