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Default Re: Jesus Did State He Was God; Here's the Proof!

As It seems there is no one here to defend the Catholics.. I say they are a good bunch of people, who love their children just as much as any other splinter of the Christian religion.. So what if some of their clergy are perverts.. The same can be claimed for the admirers of the likes of Falwell and Roberts, only the "born agains" are asking for killing on a genocidal scale, instead of just screwing our children.. They ask that we kill Muslims.. man, woman, and child. Is it worse to be screwed or killed?

Are we supposed to pick on Catholics now?.. and for that matter, Atheists are people who love their children too... Are we to reject people because of their preferred choice of faith, or are we open to discussion with all parties that are affected and infected by the NWO?

In fact, I bet that the problem with Catholic clerics extends to Protestants too, and Rabbis, and Muslim clerics.. as well as Buddhists and Hindus.. perverts are everywhere, always have been.

I Think Catholics have been singled out by the NWO to be the fall guys.. Perhaps to swipe the wealth of the Vatican.. Who's wealth has been controlled since the 12th century by Jewish accountants.

I think Catholics are good guys.. and I think atheists are too... along with Buddhists, and Hindus.. All of us people of faith are being screwed over by the NWO.. who's religion is Mammon... materialism.. worldliness..

Go ahead and yell, I don't care.
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