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Default Re: You Should ALL Wake Up! Sex With Kids Is O.K! An "Expert" Has Told Us So Get Over It!

Apolagies. I dont have the energy to go over a million and one facts of the history of paedophilia and the movements attempting to blur the edges of obvious decency with over intellectualised arguments.

I will sum up the quote below in as short a time as possible.

"Sticking your hard, stiff, grown up cock up a little boys arse and fucking him anally is o.k as they did it in the old days. Making him suck your cock and blowing a load of sticky cum in his mouth will be good for his development. I may even slap his cute little arse and give him a lolly."

I hope that makes the situation and my position on the matter clear.

When I was a lad my Uncles just taught me how to weld and drive tractors. If they had only fucked me in the arse and made me suck their cocks perhaps I would have developed better?

Pederasty, or sexual relations between men and adolescent boys, is condemned in our society as an unqualified evil that maims and destroys. In ancient Greece, samurai Japan, and numerous other cultures, pederasty was seen as the noblest of human relations, conducive if not essential to nurturing the adolescent's successful intellectual and physical maturation.

Current psychological and psychiatric theorizing have pronounced and promoted the former view, while ignoring the vast array of cross-cultural data related to the latter view. Mental health opinion has also ignored a wealth of cross-species data with important parallels. Instead, this opinion is based on feminist models of rape and incest, which are backed up by clinical research on child sexual abuse.

The current article examines empirical rather than clinical data on pederasty, and supplements this with cross-cultural and cross-species perspectives. The empirical data show that pederasty is not only not predestined to injure, but can benefit the adolescent when practiced according to the ancient Greek form. Cross-cultural and cross-species data show the extensiveness of pederasty in the natural world, as well as its functional rather than pathological nature in these societies and species.

An evolutionary model that synthesizes the empirical, cross-cultural, and cross-species data is proposed as an alternative to the highly inadequate feminist and psychiatric models. The animal data suggest that the seeds for pederasty were planted at the dawn of humanity. The human data suggest that pederasty came to serve a mentoring function.
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