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Default Re: You Should ALL Wake Up! Sex With Kids Is O.K! An "Expert" Has Told Us So Get Over It!

Sorry, Nex, but you're in the wrong here.

The official view of several studies states specifically that the issue is "adult-child" sex. No sex is mentioned specifically. The issue they are trying to divert attention to now is when is a child a child? Where does the line between child and adult go?

According to your logic WHEN exactly is a child "sexually mature"?

If a little boy gets a hard on when he's five is he then "sexually mature", according to you?

If yes, does that mean that you assume he is mentally, intellectually capable to make a balanced, MATURE judgement on the issue?

While we're at it, define "sexually mature" for me, please.

Generally, you need to see the bigger picture here. The rhetorical trick that's being used is "compromize" - diverting the discussion of THE REAL TARGET of the agenda, which is robbing our children of their childhood and SOULS.

Let me illustrate:

Person comes to my house and says: I want your house.

I say: no you can't have my house.

He says: Ok. How about I stay on your lawn in front of you house?

I say: OK.


The next day he says: I want your house!

I say: no you can't have my house, but you can have the steps to my porch.


You get the picture. If we compromize and let thoroughly dark forces play this game with our children, sooner or later they'll take our children from us WITH OUR CONSENT, since we COMPROMIZED. These people WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THEY'VE THROWN YOU OUT OF YOUR OWN HOUSE.

Nex, please, read up on the facts in this issue otherwise you'll be parroting the NWO agenda and thus become a "useful idiot".

Saturnino, you're SPOT ON!
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