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Default Re: You Should ALL Wake Up! Sex With Kids Is O.K! An "Expert" Has Told Us So Get Over It!

truebeliever wrote:
I will answer your question with a question...

Do you think it's o.k for older men...lets say in their 30's, to take under their wing 13 to 16 year old school girls to fuck them and make them suck their cocks to"...conducive if not essential to nurturing the adolescent's successful intellectual and physical maturation."
Your question is leading and not applicable to the discussion. Consensual sex between two sexually matured human beings is neither a beautiful thing, nor a disgusting thing. It's nature. The circumstances of the sexual union are up to the souls, and no two souls are alike. There would be ill intentioned male and female suitors to the emotionally unready but sexually matured youths. There would also be well intentioned sexual unions between sexually matured human beings whom both are emotionally mature, also. But that is another discussion entirely.

That is how fucking stupid you are.

That is why you must allude that I am homophobic.
Thank you for the pleasantries, and may I remark that "issues" emphasis on the (plural) was stated quite clearly.

Because you are one of the most stupid people i have EVER seen post here.
Thank you again.

Perhaps I will use your logic and allude that you are a filthy homo who loves to fuck little boys in the arse...would that be correct?
If I was homosexual, why would that make me or anyone else, "filthy"?

Where were "little boys" ever mentioned in my posts?

We are talking about sexually matured human beings procreating or in similar acts of.

Young boys and girls need love and nurturing in the form of encouragement and the feeling that they are valued and worthwhile.

They do not need sexual predators trying to FUCK their various orifices.
That is not disputed, TB, but we're talking about sexually matured human beings whom partake in sexual activity. Try to stay on topic here.

I have to put that word nice and large for you.

Like I dont get it. You never will.

There are ultimate values idiot. The ones I adhere to as best i can are Christian. These values tell me I am important and deserve to be here. I am not a peice of meat for the sexual gratifacation of older humans.
Whatever gives you kicks. Those are your values, and good for you.

Just don't think you can prevent "sexually matured human beings" from following their values.

I pity your children if you have them.
I have a child, yes. Well adjusted and happy. Loves toys, football, fishing, and such.

The New World Order has done it's work with the likes of you. "Tolerent" and bearing the unmistakeable odour of someone with an "open mind".
I shall run down to the local convenience store this instant and order a closed mind, if that pleases your laughable hysterics on this matter.

Quote: have crossed a line. You might as well have defended murder. That is why i cant exchange views with you. You are TOTALLY divorced from reality. One would hope you do not have to pick up the peices of traumatised youth.
Crossed a line? No, crossed "your" line. It's narrow, weak, and attempts to lasso everyone into it based on it's creator, "you".

You've second guessed the human body, and by default second guessed whomever created the human body. You've also second guessed a huge history of humanity with royal arranged marriages, sexual unions, and common every day occurance.

My great great grandparents were married at the age of 14 and 13 and had 9 children until their deaths.

Are they dirty perverts? Was the village they lived in full of dirty perverts?

A few generations later my 16 year old grandfather was engaged to my 13 year old grandmother. Were they dirty perverts, or just him?

I've slept with a woman 23 years my senior once upon a time. Was she a dirty pervert?

Do you know what ties it all in together? Everyone was of the age of sexual maturity and consent, and no one batted an eyelash over it.

Stick your dodgy self appointed moralizing where the sun doesn't shine. Frankly, you can't carry on a conversation without resorting to spite, fear, and phobia.
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