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Default Re: You Should ALL Wake Up! Sex With Kids Is O.K! An "Expert" Has Told Us So Get Over It!

Saturnino wrote:
My brother was a very handsome teenager. When he was about 13, some guy whom my brother didn't know started calling him on the phone constantly. My brother was scared and wouldn't talk to the guy. He only sttoped calling when my father picked up the phone and said he would call the police and pay them to take good care of the pervert (as they would).

Yes, those perverts are all around. I`m glad my brother got off their hook and is now a healthy husband and father of two. I wonder what mess his life could be right now if the pervert had his way.

THIS IS REAL LIFE. Not the crap those authors are trying to sell.
And fair enough. I'm assuming your brother is heterosexual, and he was approached by a homosexual who was a complete stranger on the telephone of all places.

Unsettling indeed in those circumstances for anyone of any age.

It wasn't consensual between the two, the approach of the caller was threatening, and we don't even know if your brother was sexually matured at the age of 13.

No argument from me, Saturnino.
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