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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

WTF! long does this tosser talk for!

I am watching on AVI/DVD player...after 3+ hours i thought that was it! Still have the last and final confirmation of his madness to go!

It's interesting that the words..."United Nations" does NOT pass this mans lips.

NOTHING on the set up of the U.N.

Lots on those EVIL FASCIST YANKEE DOGS/Hitler was evil...but NO U.N and no mention of Stalin-Lenin and Trotsky or is that to complex for him and he might have to consult a book outside cutting and pasting off the web?

He is part of the fix and not some ignorent dupe. I am convinced of it.

Do his more recent lectures address the role of the U.N as saviour of the world or is it more of the same obvious tripe?

Still, I did learn something.
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