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Default Re: You Should ALL Wake Up! Sex With Kids Is O.K! An "Expert" Has Told Us So Get Over It!

Saturnino wrote:
It has nothing to do with my western view or my spiritual beliefs. Young Greeks in antiquity were not mature for sex.
Considering that up till the 19th century, around the world a man or woman would be lucky to make 50 years old, and you grew up quick, or didn't make your 21st birthday, I'll strongly refute that comment of yours. Humanity as we've come to know it has been based on teenage sexual union, and often with an older man or woman as a partner. It's only in modern times that this has changed.

They were raped and screwed for life too (as I am suspicious you have been too).
Stick to the issue.
You've just accused me of being the recipient of rape for no apparent reason, yet you imply that I'm not sticking to the issue??

The mind boggles at where your highest level of education fell short.

The issue was and still is the sex between sexually mature human beings.

Stop avoiding, or stop talking. Make up your mind.
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