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Default Nex's Game

Nex stays at home because his friends don't ask him to play. He has nothing to do and is bored. He decides to enter a forum to have some fun.

His game is: "since I can't debate with people who are obviously much more intelligent and well informed than I am, I will bother them for FUN."
Then he answers all the posts with any stupid thing. He thinks that people will get pissed and that is a lot of FUN. He he is so funny to see people with convictions pissed off ! It is so good that I don't have any convictions, so I can tease people ! He he he. Look how they get so upset ! I knew if I would say this (even if I don't believe in it) he would be mad ! He he he.

I don't have a problem with Nex being an immature idiot as many people have stated.

The problem is that even boring teenagers can annoy people. They spit on your car, they scream by your window. They are really a pain in the ass.

Yes, you are a bore. Have fun. But we are smart enough to understand your little game. Now move on.
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