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Default Re: You Should ALL Wake Up! Sex With Kids Is O.K! An "Expert" Has Told Us So Get Over It!

truebeliever wrote:
After watching him, he DEFINATELY is in cult territory.

I would ask...seeing as sex has been used as a method to repress the masses by the Church...does he encourage sexual freedom to break the power of the "Matrix".

And BTW...i have no wish to slander the man...but if he loves lizards and is a "florid" sort of person open to ideas...i'f like to know his preferences? Is he married?

You can give me information and I'll listen, but when you want me to spend money to go on some retreat with you in a rain forest with like-minded followers, I'M out.

I did change the topic in here. Sorry!!

Don't know if he is married. However, many are married to the opposite sex, right?

How else do they hide their "sexual" perversities?
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