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Default Re: Jesus Did State He Was God; Here's the Proof!

I'm not yelling, Sable. I'm cheering everything you said.

Are we to reject people because of their preferred choice of faith, or are we open to discussion with all parties that are affected and infected by the NWO?
That is my reason for joining this forum. I consider myself a Christian, but many Christians have assailed me for not adhering to their respective dogma (which seems to include attacking third world countries and killing innocent civilians without provocation). Funny, I can't remember the last time I heard a real Christian clergyman preach on the evils of Freemasonry and the occult right from a Sunday morning pulpit, so I suspect the greater apostasy, heresy and flatout hypocrisy resides more with the mainstream denominations who sold out to NWO ecumenicism a long time ago.
I believe that only by indetifying and unifying against the common enemy (the evil spiritual entity known as Satan and his plan for this New World Order), will we ever be able to resolve our own differences and live together as brethren in the way that God originally intended.
And for the record, I believe the Catholic church has been subjected to the same corrupting and apostasizing forces as the Protestants, albeit from different sources -- the Black Pope and his Jesuits. You're right, Sable, if they ever take a close look at other denominations like the Methodists or Southern Baptists (who are infested with libertine Freemasonic clergy), the Catholic church's sex scandal may look like a parking ticket by comparison.
For further edification, check out Cardinal Law's 1996 Letter to the Bishops concerning Freemasonry, which just coincidentally happend to precede the deluge of civil lawsuits directed against his diocese.
Cardinal Law's 1996 Letter to the Bishops
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