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Default Re: Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry

Sounds like standard psy-ops garbage to me. Just like Waco, Texas, or the piped-in faint ambient sounds and random phonetic synthesized speech. The random synth speech is most often used in three modes: 1) A low, authoritative male voice; 2) A whispering voice, like a ghost; 3) A soothing or seductive female voice. The subject's mind will eventually settle into a stable state and attenuate it, or the subject will begin to attribute meaning and coherence to the voices. Another thing is for them to experiment in adult book shops within the viewing booths. They speak surreptitiously to the subject while he is engaged in erotic activity. They have a standard set of evaluative statements, from enticements to fantasize about virgins, children etc., to other more exotic temptations. It is an evaluation technique based on earlier research with the PAS test. It is also, I believe, one of the meanest violations of a litany of rights and statutes.
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