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Default Re: On The Coming Revolution

Revolution is another means to an end, usually a bloody one, one I would not choose first or second or even third, if given a choice.

For decades in this glorious democracy, people have expended great effort in bringing about change through the ballot box, only to find that they have been betrayed by those they voted in to represent them.

Impeachment is very difficult to bring about, on any level of government, meaning we are stuck with whomever for 2-4 years minimum. It is a given that the patience of even the most patient will be exhausted as is indicated by the low voter turnout in elections held, say, in the last decade.

Generally speaking, those who have been promised the most will get out and vote for "their guy/gal" and those whose money is being taken and redistributed are so disgusted that they have withdrawn from the whole process.

These two groups alone auger well for a revolution. Those on the receiving end want more and more and become dissatisfied if this doesn't happen. Those who pay for it will ultimately be bled dry and survival instincts will kick in, prompting them to consider extreme measures.

Add to this mixture the agents prevacature, paid and waiting for just this scenario to develope - instant revolution! A third world country stands more of a chance of bringing about real change through revolution than does a first world country. Here, the revolution will be stolen and used to usher in the New World Order.

They will allow several months of chaos to reign and then they will declare martial law and all groups will find themselves in the concentration camps built especially for American citizens long ago.

We are between a rock and a hard place. Heads they win, tails we loose. BUT, we have to do something; I, for one, would rather die on my feet fighting for a better world for my children than to sit on my ass and do nothing when action is required. We just have to do it the smart way.
Make them fight us house to house and street to street. Look at Vietnam and Iraq and take a lesson.
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