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Default Re: On The Coming Revolution

By the time a revolution takes place in this country, there will be no "haves" except the top 1% and their hangers-on.

The housing bubble is pedicted to burst in the near future, sending people with families scrambling for a roof over their heads.

I watched a PBS special last night on the outsourcing of American jobs and was amazed at the sheer numbers of jobs that no longer exist in America that were outsourced to India and China. Great news!! There are thousands of new BILLIONAIRS in India and China.

The idiot who wrote a book on this subject even dared to predict that this would be a positive thing for the people of the United States.

As more and more "immigrants," legal and mostly illegal, enter this country they put an extra strain on already strained social services paid for by tax dollars that are dwindling as the job market dwindles. They have already gotten militant in CA when they didn't get what they felt was their right as some hospitals were forced for lack of funding to close their doors.

The instances I have mentioned are not the only ones that will ultimately result in revolution. There is the race issue that is a multi-headed hydra and will only add to the mix. If none of those groups mentioned manage to light the fuse under this powder keg on which we as a country are perched, the NWO crowd will supply the matches and light it themselves.

Thumper and Marceli, only if you are victims of a public school "education" can I understand your flippant comments, that is if I understand them correctly. While the revolution will not be televised, it will be bloody and few will escape unscathed. I can't bring myself to be flippant about that.

I did not post this article to engage the uninformed in debate. As with all my posts, they are there to generate thought on the part of the reader. If you think they have no merit, that is your right, so be it.

Thank you for taking the time to at least read it. You are now more informed than you were before.
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