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Default Re: what's the general consensus on getting vaccinations?

delivery room discussions with doctors.

Shannow : "what's that ?"
Doctor : "Hep B Vaccine"
Shannow : "Why, we've both been tested and don't have it, so the baby won't come into close contact with it."
Doctor: "it's standard procedure, and recommended"
Shannow : "How long do we have to sterilise baby bottles for."
Doctor : "Until she's at least one year old"
Shannow : "Why ?"
Doctor : "because the immune system isn't developed enough to respond to pathogens until a year old."
Shannow : "We'll pass on the Hep B until she's got an immune system then."
Doctor : "That's a big risk that you are taking, do you know what Hep B does to a person ?"
Shannow : "Yes, see my first point".

Shortly after, I cut the top of my finger off, and had to have a tetanus shot...friggin thing ached for 8 weeks (apparently a normal reaction).
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