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Default Re: Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry

I dont think it's the problem of the sheeple gentiles being more dumb...i just think being hunted constantly has made the Jews edgy and "eyes open".

The Gentiles wish to remain "innocent" rather than "dumb". Though i enjoy immensely calling them dumb pathetic sheep when they wont listen to me.


TB, the fact that you are challenging my opinion is not fair. Youíre smarter, and that makes it unfair.
Stranger you are to hard on yourself! You are obviously very wise with comments like this. But you did forget incredibly handsome.

You could even make an argument for Hilly Clinton being a great president sound compelling...
With that power suit...what man could resist! I'm going for an internship if Michael Moore does'nt get their first!

True, not everyone who has been sexually abused is in porn, but then you have to say not everyone who does drugs is in porn either (and a lot of porn is not of the gangbang variety).
True. But my insistence on the word "gangbang" is to get accross the level of intensity in these productions now. It is "hard core" in the true sense of the word and that is why Meth inparticular is so important.

Watch ANY of the internet distributed stuff and they are ALL off their heads without exception. The vast majority in the industry use daily just to get out of bed in the morning. Take it away and the porn industry as it stands is finished.

Itís a form of self medication learned early in life to cope with their previous abuse/abandonment.
Hmmmm...possibly. At the very DEEPEST level but that includes over eating too.

I started taking amphetamine to stay awake at work in the night clubs. Liked it so I took it for pleasure and also the power I weilded over people because I could get heaps of it. But then i could also take it or leave it.

I know lots of people who take drugs responsably but that cannot make up for the destructive nature and flow on effect of the drugs which is not just about prohibiton making it expensive...but the actual physical and psychological effects of the drugs directly.

It would be great to be able to eliminate the drug factor forever though...
Ahhh Ha! The big trap! Indeed dear STRANGER this is NOT so. Drugs are dealt because corrupt officials allow them to deal! The coppers will tell you.."oh but I have to let people deal so i can gather intelligence on the big fish..." BULLSHIT! They know damn well who the big fish are and too many coppers have million dollar mortgages.

The "Coffin Cheater" motorcycle gang here in Perth are the main amphetamine distributers here. They distribute through the "Sword Boys" Lebanese gangs.

I know this. Most of Perth knows this, the coppers dont?

When I worked in clubs gang members walked around with ounce packets of Coke on them. Pretty sure of themselves. Now why is that?

The Coffin Cheaters were the West Oz police services biggest criminal informants and allowed to deal while paying off the coppers. After a brief respite they are back doing it. Meth is everywhere again. Armed robberies and violent crime is back on the rise. 5 shootings in the last few months in little old Perth...this is what I mean.

You cant get any "pot" though...and the stupid Christian Right idiots here are happy!

The muslim community are fast becoming the biggest drug distributers in the bottom rungs. They are falling into a trap. Soon they will be villified in the press and anti-terrorist laws will be applied to drug dealing and because it's the "Lebo's" no one will care. Except the poor sap with his 2 plants who loses his house for aiding "terrorists".

Off what were we discussing? Oh yes, how smart i am...:-D
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