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Default Re: Will Neocon Fanaticism Destroy America?


The illuminati have successfully created a new menace, we have yet to determine though who will play the new "allies."
The entire rest of the world.

Very few have been hit. We don't know how many. To avoid the analogy with Vietnam, until last week the U.S. military studiously avoided body counts. If 2,000 insurgents have been killed, each death required 900,000 rounds of ammunition.
In Vietnam the firing rate was 30,000 rounds per dead Asian freedom fighter.

The U.S armed forces are taught to lay down a blanket of firepower. Individual common sense is discouraged and strict adherence to doctrine encouraged. Should we be surprised the inventors of the production line and the home of economic rationalism would not apply this mind set to war?

The doctrine is simple...the grunts are meat who are their to attract enemy fire. Once this is accomplished the metal is called in to finish the job - indirect fire from artillary and airpower. Gauranteeing civilian casualties.

I would like to know who writes the field manuals. It seems designed to make the U.S universally hated. I'm sure U.S soldiers are capable of fire discipline...if they are taught it.

In the end...the cause is a fraud and the average U.S soldier knows it. How can you possibly be enthusiatic about your mission and be a "noble warrior" when you are partaking in a murderous rampage?
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