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Default Re: well i wasnt single yesterday

Are you my keeper, my husband, my brother?

I'm not out slutting it up in bar chum.... what do you think I am doing?

It's called reading....

Try it. You may learn something.

It's 4:00 a.m. now, for those monitoring my sleeping patterns.

I leave rushy alone and he comes looking for me... I smell a big fat furry rat who is trying very hard, not to get caught.

Rushy-poo. Exactly where are you from? Are we in the same time zone, or have you taken notice specifically of what time zone I am in?

The point being, that if you come from my time zone, then you exactly what I am talking about here, as the corruption is so blatant and in your face, even the Russian cab-drivers know how corrupt it is here....

or, you're just like the folks from around these parts in your ways...

I think the ice is cracking...

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