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Default Re: what's the general consensus on getting vaccinations?

The answer to vaccinations is No, No, No, oh and

Hep B is a CLASSIC! What crap! It is fucking ludacris! Trust the medical mafia at your peril. The plebs you speak to who reply VERY enthusiastically about the safety of these things are parrots and do not have a fucking clue.

You MUST stand up to them. There is not a SINGLE mid wife who will recommend these things in private but are COMPELLED by government edict to tell you the opposite. ALL midwives use natural techniques for enhancing the immune system.

It is a BIG must also consider retiring to a small community in the next few years.

I would like to think a miracle will happen but i do not think so. You do not have time to smell the roses...make some major decisions over the next 12 months then make plans for a MAJOR lifestyle change in the country. Your life is at stake and the life of your children.

Just how much more evidence do you need of their evil and what they are capable of?
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