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Default Re: gauging NWO progress by hollywood productions

What else needs to be said? (concerning The Beast)
Well, if you did a little research such as a simple whois look-up, you would have found the following:


registrant-firstname: Brian
registrant-lastname: Flemming
registrant-street1: 666 6th St. #666
registrant-pcode: 90066
registrant-state: CA
registrant-city: Los Angeles
registrant-ccode: US
registrant-phone: +1.2136660666


A look at this website,, reveals that the registrant is a firm believer in the NWO's propaganda. He also appears to be an independent film-maker with a mockumentary already released concerning the assassination of Bill Gates. As if anybody would want to waste their time killing Bill Gates or even watching this movie.

By viewing the trailer for "The Beast" it's blatantly obvious that the entire thing was done using flash animation and the desktop wallpapers available were created using Photoshop.

Final verdict, I'll be damned (pun intended) if this "The Beast" is ever released. This asshole turned film-maker will find himself at the top of the religious world's hitlist, knocking Salmon Rushdie down to #2. He's just a moron who doesn't realise that he's playing with fire.

One last note, his website looks like it hasn't been updated since February 2003, except for the extrmely curt "Merry Christmas" on his weblog.

Mr. Shady

P.S. I forgot to mention that this movie does not seem to be a Hollywood sponsored film. Like I said, just a piece of trash from a moron.

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