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Default Icke You Are A FRAUD! And Your Followers Some Of The Most Gullible Fools To EVER Walk The Earth.

DRAK...just watched the last bit on Ickes Barneby Travelling Road Show! What a COMPLETE load of shit!

The man is OBVIOUSLY a plant...and not a very good one! He is OBVIOUSLY lying and VERY anxious when he gets onto the subject of his reptiles. He is anxious because he KNOWS he is spinning complete shit.

Somewhere on a hard drive are images of Icke and some little boys. He is a compromised idiot.

How in Gods name has this man attained ANY credibility? How? He has taken a grab bag of new age shit, mixed it with some new age physics and thrown in some pot talk me and me mates used to mumble under the power of the mowie wowie.

This man should have been laughed out of time/space existence YEARS AGO!

There is a particular quote from Jim Garrison when another "Illuminati Spin Doctor" tried to explain the path of a bullet that was IMPOSSIBLE through the use of fancy physics...

"Theoretical physics can prove that an elephant can hang from a cliff with it's tail tied to a Daisy, but use you're eyes, you're common sense".

I will no longer get angry when confronted by an idiot who's only reference is Icke. Icke relies on bringing together an ecclectic grab bag of this and that to confuse the eye and muddle the thought process's until you actually utter those immortal words..."well, we must keep an open mind".

I now officially pity "Ickarians". They are a pathetic grouping of starved for information Ethiopians. If they take the time to peruse this site they might actually get themselves a decent feed of organic vege's with a small serve of compassionately killed red meat.

People...he is a "stooge". No more, no less. May a bus on the correct "frequency" mow him down...of course as our dear David likes to does'nt matter baby coz it's ALL an Illusion!!!! It will pass straight through him, right Icke?

The Illuminati is RUBBING it in your face with this guy.

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